Set up your Business Listing

This is what you can add or edit in your BBA Business Listing

We will start with title for our new business. 01-title-bakend Title will be displayed on the frontend above breadcrumbs: Item Title

Content & Gallery

First of sections displayed in detail of item is the content / gallery section. If the gallery option is disabled, content will stretch to full width of the section. With gallery option enabled and at least one image inside, gallery will appear on the left side of content area. 02-content-frontend Content of item is managed via the wysiwyg editor in admin: 02-content-backend Excerpt field is used as description of Item, excerpt text is displayed for Items in search results or other lists of Items on website. Gallery. 06-gallery-backend

Address, Opening hours & Social Icons

Administration of Address is available in General section of Item edit screen. It includes map search function, so all you have to do is type the street – map do the rest to get Latitude and Longitude coordinates after click on the Find button. Coordinates are necessary to place marker on the map in correct position. If you decide display rather Street View instead standard Google Map, simply turn on Streetview option and set the view on the map – the same position will be displayed in the header of Item page. Address Section Opening Hours has own section for administration. Days are static Monday to Sunday. Available is also Note text field to write some additional text with opening hours. 05-openinghours-backend Social icons with own links are managed from Social section, where you can add own icon image and link opened in the same or new window. If you do not want use own images as icons, available is selection of predefined icons displayed in default colors of social network – additionally you can change the color to more preferred. Social Icons Section

Small Map

Map is the third section on the detail page. Display actual position of the item on the map. This map is always displayed, if address in admin is filled for Item. 00-map-small-frontend


  Example of complete page for the single business: all-page-view